MMUN Executive Council Applications

Applications for MMUN 2018-2019 Executive are open!  All online applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday May 12.

Click here for the google form

Positions with * will be chairing during the event.

Secretary General*

The Secretary General is the head of the MMUN exec.  This position is only open to returning exec.

Deputy Secretary General*

The Deputy Secretary General works with the Secretary General to coordinate registration and the delegate workshop among the exec, as well as other event logistics.

Head of Publicity*

The Publicity Head represents MMUN to the world both in MCI and online on the MMUN social media accounts.

Director of Outer School Relations*

The Director of Outer School Relations is the contact person within the exec team for delegations attending from outside of MCI, as well as for our guest speakers.

Head of Resolution Writing*

The Head of Resolution Writing coordinates resolution topics, writing efforts, and editing across the exec. is the best friend of this exec position.


The Secretary-Treasurer includes the combined roles of secretary and treasurer.  They are responsible for taking and sending meeting minutes to the exec, and are the student hand in managing money coming in and out of the event.

Director of Resources*

The Director of resources is responsible for the ordering the organizing of materials for MMUN.  This includes coordinating food and managing inventory.

Honorary Exec

This position is for grade 10 students (currently grade 9) who are interested in seeing how the executive council works. The Honorary Executive Members also have the opportunity to participate in the event as delegates, unlike the rest of the Executive.

Head Page

The Head Page supervises and manages MMUN’s fantastic pages!

Assistant Head Page

Helps the Head Page.

Head of Tech Team

The Head of Tech Team trains and manages the Tech Desk Team, as well as acting as administrator of the MMUN website.

Assistant Head of Tech Team.

Helps the Head of Tech Team.

Head of Security

The Head of Security supervises and manages MMUN’s fantastic sweater-clad security team.

Assistant Head of Security.

Helps the Head of Security.