Resolutions for the 2019 conference have not been released.

The resolutions for the 2018 conference are below.

General Assembly:

GA RES 001 Clean Water and Sanitation

GA RES 002 Child Rights

GA RES 003 Maternal Healthcare

GA RES 004 Macroeconomic Policy

GA RES 005 Cryptocurrency

GA RES 006 Illicit Wildlife Trafficking

GA RES 007 Cyber-crime and Information Security

GA RES 008 International Migration and Development

GA RES 009 Renewable Energy Sources

GA RES 010 Syrian Arab Republic

Security Council:

SC RES 001 Rohingya Refugee Crisis

SC RES 002 Crisis in Somalia

SC RES 003 Non-Proliferation of WMD

Health Council:

HC RES 001 HIV/AIDS Epidemic

HC RES 002 Eradication of Poliomyelitis

HC RES 003 Antimicrobial Resistance