Resolutions for the 2018 conference will be posted at the end of January. Below you can find resolutions from the 2017 conference.

Resolutions for the 2017 Conference:

General Assembly:

GA RES 001 Clean Water and Sanitation

GA RES 002 Nuclear Trade

GA RES 003 Migration in Europe

GA RES 004 Wealth Gap between Economic Classes

GA RES 005 Air Pollution

GA RES 006 Syria Conflict

GA RES 007 Maternal Healthcare

GA RES 008 Agricultural Tech

GA RES 009 Pandemic Diseases

Security Council:

SC RES 001 Gun Control

SC RES 002 The Kurds

SC RES 003 Cybersecurity

Environment Council:

EC RES 001 Climate Change

EC RES 002 Conservation of the Natural Environment

EC RES 003 Solar Radiation Management